I Love the Internet

April 21, 2009


Does anybody else love the Internet? I mean really love it, I love it like I love my wife (a similar feeling but of course at a fraction of the love). I’m so insanely proud of mankind for creating this seemingly magical, non-localized device that almost grants wishes. Now I don’t believe in god, but those who do, think of him as the culmination of goodness in the universe, for me it’s the Internet. It’s mankind doing what it does best, rocking the shit out of information.


I’m just so pleased that I can always enjoy blogs that disrespect cats, videos of EVERYTHING, connectivity to people I would otherwise never hear from again, nor care about.

Sometimes I fantasize about going back in time and finding some pioneers to brag to about this magical thing we have that will grant you as many answers as you have questions. People need to be more excited. We have something better then magic. Since praying thanks to the Internet is rather foolish, everyone should do their gratitude by just being excited.


Any kind of porn you can think of is online. Every cute animal that ever existed, is online. Every video that has ever graced our TVs is either online or is currently being added online.


This Merry Christmas Eve I laid awake in bed thinking first about the WifeBo sleeping on my chest, then thinking about this video I watched online last night talking about the first 5000 days of the Internet.  When stated like that, 5000 doesn’t sound like very long (it comes out to 13.69 years old).  The Internet has definitely existed longer then that, but that age reflects the time that the public has access to it, (a la: Al Gore).

It’s exciting to think about the Internet as one unified machine that once it was started, it has never once gone offline for even a second.  Even if you personally lose your connection, the overall stability is awe inspiriting.  It used to be that only standard computers could talk to each other, now it’s your phone, it’s you TV, it’s you Blu-ray Player, it’s your car, your DVR, your gaming console.

It will be wild to see how this collective consciousness develops as time goes on.  Merry Christmas Eve.

Cloud OS

December 2, 2008

Cloud Operating Systems are web based operating systems (or more appropriately titled operating environments). This sounds extreme at first glance, but it’s the next natural progression. With storing photos, videos, documents, and all kinds of other applications on-line, it only makes sense to push Google further passed iGoogle to the full experience of Google OS, being calledGood OS or gOS. Now you will be able to have the exact same desktop no matter what computer you are on; PC, Mac, phone, or gaming system, all physical computers will cease to be the personal computer, instead they become terminals that connect you to your virtual. computer. I can’t wait.


December 1, 2008

I’ve recently signed up for justthrive.com. This site pulls all your financial information from all your prospective financial websites and gives you a concise view of your financial health. It looks at your bank accounts, your credit cards, your loans and mortgages, your investments and gives you a score based on how good you are with money. The site is fantastic,

It tally’s how much you spend on going out vs buying groceries,suggestions1
It makes suggestions oh how much more or less you should try to spend,spending

It tells you how much your lifestyle costs per day,daily1
It tells you how long you could survive without a job,

It estimates you how much you will make per year once you retire.


Don’t be afraid of putting up your precious financial into. The site does not contain any account numbers, and you have not access to the money that’s visible on the site, it only gives you a birds-eye-view of what you are spending your money on. Worse case scenario, if someone just had to break in, they might find out that your debt has just decreased $400 since last month.

On an irrelevant note, check out my new Hanna Montana tissue box for my car!


Things I’m Thankful For

November 26, 2008

Things I am thankful for:







*My House
*My Job
*My family
*The Internet
*My iPod
*My Scooter


*Ledo Pizza

*Roy Rogers Chicken


November 24, 2008

The uber romantic site BestKisses.com depicts a selection of the most attractive people kissing. After I posted my wife and my honeymoon pictures on my Flickr Ray and Terri of BestKisses.com contacted me about posting one of our honeymoon pictures. So check us out on www.bestkisses.com.  (We’re about 2/3 the way down the page).

Midwest Teen Sex Show

November 17, 2008

Every couple weeks I add a new podcast to my list, and remove ones I deem to be no longer worth while. My newest podcast is the Midwest Teen Sex Show. No, it’s not porn. My wife was not impressed with me for checking this one out, she says that being 26 is too old for a sex podcast with the word “Teen” in the title. So I’m creepy, doesn’t bother me. This video podcast is geared towards children who are interested in making the plunge into sex. Each episode is about 5 minutes long which is great. The show is funny, it’s blunt, the production value is extremely high and they repeatedly make cancer jokes. Each episode has a topic which they explain through sketch comedy. Each joke isn’t always a hit, but overall the show is good fun.

I remember in late middle school, early high school, I would lay awake in bed, secretly listening to Love Line on my Walkman. Having never even seen an image of a vagina, the show was quite titillating. I had to lay in just the right position or Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew turned to static. You can’t replace Love Line, but at least the kids have somewhere to learn about the pros and cons on anal sex and the dangers of pulling out.

I’ve been thinking back to my 18th birthday when I got my first cell phone. I had a local only plan that cost $19.99/month. At the time I lived at home, worked retail, had few friends, and of course no girlfriend, I didn’t need a phone. Cell phones were still regarded as items of status, I got mine just because it was the cool thing to do. With my chunky new silver cell phone in hand, I would spend way more time marveling at its coolness, then actually placing calls.

I learned all the silly gimmicks of text messaging, ringtones, and the advent of the color screen. Flash forward 8 years and the cell phone has worked its way comfortably into my life. It entertains me at work when I’m bored, it keeps me in touch with family and friends, and it wakes me up every morning (and everytime I take a nap). This once frivolous piece of technology has evolved into something far more important.

I strongly believe that constantly craving more/better then what we already have, is the foundation of human progress. As new technology becomes available I plan to embrace as much of it as possible. I refuse to become satisfied with what works, I want what works better. 

I’m just learning Web.20. I had my wife create a PowerPoint presentation to explain it to me (yeah we work like that). I fancy myself savy on most new tech gadgets, but Web 2.0 was foreign to me. I gave up on MySpace after I met my wife on the site, and I don’t have that strong a social life, so much of the Internet seemed useless to me. I’ve regarded much of the Internet’s improvements as silly games for high school and college kids who have too much disposable time. However, I am afraid that If I do not embrace the Internet, then as new forms of it become available, I won’t know how best to benifit from it.

My pre-New Years resolution is to embrace all viable new new technology ASAP.