LOST: Still Got it!

January 29, 2009

After the season 5 premiere, I was extremely apprehensive about LOSTs take on time travel. The LOST flavor of time travel leans more towards magic then it does to science. Admittedly, I was disappointed for the season premiere, I wanted the deeper story to be all based in reality. Week two, I’m over it. The quality of the show comes from the story, not how well they justify practical use of theoretical science. Maybe I’ll think differently when there are no more secrets to be revealed, but for now, LOST is still the best show on TV.

Old People Rule the World

January 28, 2009

February 17th of this year was supposed to be the end of TV broadcasting via airwaves. So what happened? The government ran out of vouchers to give to people to obtain cable boxes. The government is delaying the digital transition by 4 months to buy time to obtain more vouchers to give away. This transition was supposed to happen back in 2006, the FCC is way to concerned about upsetting old people who are afraid of change. Way back when color TV originally came out, the FCC protected the grumpy population by demanding that all broadcasts are backwards compatible with black and white TV.

While we are waiting for digital TV to take over the world, play Barack, Paper, Scissors to pass the time.

Over the past few weeks I have been earning my soul back from the devil.   However, today, I sold my soul once again, I got the number 10 large with a coke.

I’m planning on taking my birthday money and buying the new TiVo.  The plan is the TiVo HD Series 3 DVR with the external 500GB hard drive.  Currently, we are running an old SD TiVo along with an HD Motorola DVR from Comcast.  That’s right 2 DVRs, extremely wasteful and not sleek.  Along with this, we also subscibe to NetFlix.  So at any given time we have our recorded shows randomly spread across 2 DVRs and the red envolopes sprinkled all over.  The new TiVo will hopefull solve all this mess and allow us easy TV access to YouTube.

It seems like so far TiVo doesn’t have access to Comcast’s On Demand.  I am unimpressed by this, however, the loss of Comcast’s sloppy, confusing, and finicky VOD (Video On Demand) service could be gotten over by instant access to NetFlick VOD.

Had Enough of Obama?

January 20, 2009

Well I haven’t yet, but if you have:

American Idol is on tonight.

Lost is on tomorrow!

Handlebar Discovery

January 13, 2009

What is it with Discovery hiring handlebar mustached TV personalities?

Bruce George: Snake Crusader

Jamie Hyneman: Mythbusters

Paul Sr. Teutul: American Chopper

It must sell well with the ladies.

I’m working this New Year’s Day. I had to abstain from the drink last night, so sad.

2 Minutes until midnight, Ashley and I are Steve‘s house waiting for the ball to drop. Miley Cyrus was singing 7 Things I Hate About You on MTV. Paul is almost passed out next to me, Jeff is behind me being angsty towards Miley Cyrus. The song ends, the countdown begins. 10, 9, 8,7, (everyone’s glued to the TV) 6, 5, (the New Year’s kiss is almost here) 4, 3, 2 …..South Park. Their DVR interrupted the ball drop. No Happy New Years ball. Steve’s wife frantically fixed it and returned into MTV. The crowd is cheering, everyone looks happy, confetti is in the air. Seconds later, Entourage recording started. Happy New Years!

Ashley and I are terribly impatient.  Last night at about 6:00PM, we impulsively decided to have Christmas 8 days early.  My goodness did I make out well!

Britney Spears – Circus


I made it though the album on my way in to work this morning.  Most of the songs are just OK.  I think about 3 or so songs are really good.  And there is one really awkward song entitled “My Baby” about…. her baby.

Moon in My Room

The Moon in My Room is awesome, you hang the moon on the wall and you can set it to light up in whatever phase you so choose.  It’s for ages 6 and up.

Harmony Universal Remote 550

We have 4 remotes that we constantly lose.  Thank goodness for over-the-top personal electronics.

Wide Angle Lens

I can be artistic now!

Wall-E Blu-Ray

I’m sure this is going to be the prettiest Blu-Ray ever

James Randi – Flim Flam

Teach me how to spread hate for all things pseudo scientific.

Skeptics Dictionary

Again, all about spreading the hate.


For my feet.

Lens Brush

I’ve graduated from cleaning lenses with my t-shirt!

Evolution T-shirt


My good buddy Charles drew this diagram for me when he realized that we are all related.

Book Light

So I can read in the dark.

Push Lights

So I can see in the dark.


It’s just candy.

Santa Pez Dispenser

More candy.

Hannah Montana Brush Tunes

Hannah Montana sings to me for 2 minutes as long as I’m brushing hard.

Monopoly Travel

Monopoly so simplified, you can play it in the car.

Daily Pill Organizer

So I don’t forget to take my anti-depressants.  I’m suffering from depression.

Car Air Freshener

It’s for the car.

Advil – Travel Size

It’s for my head.

Spore for Mac

When I get home from work, I am going to lock myself in my office and not come out until I have evolved.

And I’m sure I forgot to list something awesome.

Things I’m Thankful For

November 26, 2008

Things I am thankful for:







*My House
*My Job
*My family
*The Internet
*My iPod
*My Scooter


*Ledo Pizza

*Roy Rogers Chicken

Mac the Oval Office

November 18, 2008

Last night I fell asleep watching a dry On-Demand documentary about military contractors. The whole movie was just talking heads pointing fingers at the evil contractors, it was too one sided to get a fair account. Anyway around 8PM my wife Ashley attempted waking me and I was a little grumpy. What can I say, I was tired, I was celebrating some me-time, I was a man on his couch. She was being needy and rude. True, I was about 7% in the right, but that percentage doesn’t take you too far. I didn’t go to bed last night on very good terms. However, god bless the wife, despite my behavior she still kissed me goodnight. She always takes good care of me.

In other news, Obama is going to be the first U.S. President with a laptop in the Oval Office. It never occurred to me that the Oval Office desk was always missing a computer. He has to give up his Blackberry but rumor has it that Obama is going to Mac the Oval Office!

Check out Ashley’s Frederick News Post Column Unintended Consequences.

Whale Wars

November 13, 2008

Animal Planet’s newest high profile show Whale Wars is very entertaining and well done, but the activists being documented are bratty children. From what I’ve seen (which is only one episode) the members aboard the ship, cleverly named the “Steve Urwin”, harass whalers and purposely get themselves held hostage on board the scientists ships. If someone was attacking my ship and then hopped on board, I would hold them hostage for my own protection too.

I don’t know what the difference is between whaling and land-based hunting, or livestock slaughter. Are the whales just cool because they’re so big? Because they are smart? Monkeys are smart, they are being exploited, why not defend them?

The crew was so giddy when they got their guy to be held hostage because they were going to get news coverage. To me it seems the crew is more passionate about being annoying to the scientists then loving the whales.

One exciting thing is the show’s theme song is Smashing Pumpkins Bullet With Butterfly WIngs .  I’m in to that.