Today is my birthday, I just turned 27. The typical Henley birthdays last for a week, therefore this is the Week-of-Jason. My party was on the 16th, wife took me out to the Melting Pot on the 17th, my Mom’s taking me out today, and my Dad tomorrow. Then Ashley’s parents sometime next weekend.

Among the personalized signature from James Randi, Ashley also got me the Death and Return of Superman in hardcover. Way back in 1992, when I was 10, I heard on the news that DC Comics was going to kill off Superman. Being incredibly naive I thought this meant the franchise was coming to an end. This was as good an opportunity as any to get in on comics. I asked my Mom if I could get the one where he dies.


We went to Wonderbook and Video and my Mom pre-orderd for both Jeff and I to get each issue leading up to, and following his death. Each week Jeff and I would make the journey on foot from our house to Wonderbook and Video to get the latest issue. Week after week Superman battled Doomsday. One week Superman was winning, one week it was Doomsday until finally both Superman and Doomsday were dead.

Following his death was several issues dedicated to his funeral and then several about his supposed return in suspicious new forms. The collection just kept going and going, and being 10, all I wanted to see was action, and there wasn’t too much action while was Superman dead.

Flash forward 17 years later (wow almost 2 decades) and my wife has bought me the hardcover version of that entire story (all 700 some pages of it). Reading it really takes me back.


What’s the Harm?

January 8, 2009

What’s the harm in believing in ghosts, believing in astrology, believing in religious fundamentalism, believing in vitamin mega dosing? Off the top of my head I don’t know, but does. This website does nothing else but provide examples for how irrational thought can cause personal injury or death. The website lists popular pseudosciences such as alternative medicine, the paranormal, conspiracy theories, as well as lists famous people who had their lives negatively effected or ended due to their dangerous irrational beliefs.

Jim Henson who felt ill for several days prior to his death, didn’t go to the hospital due to his Christian Science upbringing.
Bob Marley needed his baby toe amputated to save his life but his religious beliefs forbade it.
Wesley Snipes believed that he didn’t have to pay taxes, he had to pay $12 million and spend 3 years in prison.

Ashley and I are terribly impatient.  Last night at about 6:00PM, we impulsively decided to have Christmas 8 days early.  My goodness did I make out well!

Britney Spears – Circus


I made it though the album on my way in to work this morning.  Most of the songs are just OK.  I think about 3 or so songs are really good.  And there is one really awkward song entitled “My Baby” about…. her baby.

Moon in My Room

The Moon in My Room is awesome, you hang the moon on the wall and you can set it to light up in whatever phase you so choose.  It’s for ages 6 and up.

Harmony Universal Remote 550

We have 4 remotes that we constantly lose.  Thank goodness for over-the-top personal electronics.

Wide Angle Lens

I can be artistic now!

Wall-E Blu-Ray

I’m sure this is going to be the prettiest Blu-Ray ever

James Randi – Flim Flam

Teach me how to spread hate for all things pseudo scientific.

Skeptics Dictionary

Again, all about spreading the hate.


For my feet.

Lens Brush

I’ve graduated from cleaning lenses with my t-shirt!

Evolution T-shirt


My good buddy Charles drew this diagram for me when he realized that we are all related.

Book Light

So I can read in the dark.

Push Lights

So I can see in the dark.


It’s just candy.

Santa Pez Dispenser

More candy.

Hannah Montana Brush Tunes

Hannah Montana sings to me for 2 minutes as long as I’m brushing hard.

Monopoly Travel

Monopoly so simplified, you can play it in the car.

Daily Pill Organizer

So I don’t forget to take my anti-depressants.  I’m suffering from depression.

Car Air Freshener

It’s for the car.

Advil – Travel Size

It’s for my head.

Spore for Mac

When I get home from work, I am going to lock myself in my office and not come out until I have evolved.

And I’m sure I forgot to list something awesome.