The Refrigerator Commeth

April 8, 2009

With the floors being finished, I installed the new runner for the stairs.



The puppies are wondering why we are so interested in our old fridge.



Take one last look.




The new one arrives!



All of our food had to chill out (or warm up rather) on our counter while we awaited the new one’s arrival.



The delivery people removed our fridge and an ancient stand up freezer from the basement that squealed unless you stood next to it and knocked on it every few minutes.



It won’t be missed.




In with the new.



Behold the beautiful LG 21 Cubit Foot Side-by-side!



We almost didn’t fit most of our frozen stuff, we need to grow up and not eat all frozen food.





Circuit City: Not My Favorite

November 16, 2008

When I was 17 I worked in the “Advanced Consumer Electronics” (alarm clocks and telephones) department at Circuit City.  One of my managers was a large bearded man who went by the name Wolf. He had giant gawdy gargoyle rings on his fingers and wore a pentagram pendant around his neck. Once I even found a homemade pentagram token under my cash register, it made me feel strange.

The dark lords didn’t serve Circuit City too well, Circuit City has filed for chapter 11. I’m OK with that. Once Best Buy came on the scene I never looked back. Circuit City was dark and depressing, the commission driven employees stressed me out. True, the desperation to make a sale caused Circuit City employees to become experts, but I’ll take lazy Best Buy folks any day.