Circuit City: Not My Favorite

November 16, 2008

When I was 17 I worked in the “Advanced Consumer Electronics” (alarm clocks and telephones) department at Circuit City.  One of my managers was a large bearded man who went by the name Wolf. He had giant gawdy gargoyle rings on his fingers and wore a pentagram pendant around his neck. Once I even found a homemade pentagram token under my cash register, it made me feel strange.

The dark lords didn’t serve Circuit City too well, Circuit City has filed for chapter 11. I’m OK with that. Once Best Buy came on the scene I never looked back. Circuit City was dark and depressing, the commission driven employees stressed me out. True, the desperation to make a sale caused Circuit City employees to become experts, but I’ll take lazy Best Buy folks any day.

4 Responses to “Circuit City: Not My Favorite”

  1. jeffsher63 said

    The thing that turned ME off to CC were the overly-aggressive sales people. I also went to Best Buy when it opened, but have since gone back to CC if buying locally (I mainly buy most of my electronics from Newegg).

  2. jasonhenle said

    I’ve recently gone off the deep end with using and overusing the internet, I’m hoping that I can avoid both CC and BB this Christmas, it’ll be somewhat of a game.

  3. Colors have a very large impact, as well as the overall size of the store. Best buy is huge. Newegg is great, also try

  4. […] forever just from browsing people’s WordPress blogs.  I happened upon a very unique guy who wrote about his experience working for Circuit City when he was younger.  Does it hurt them?  Well, not since they filed for bankruptcy.  However, […]

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