The mythical first ever black president was announced last night. I’m so proud of America, it’s a huge step in the right direction. Despite making history, the think that will stick out to me about the end of the election, was McCain’s “I lost” speech. All campaigning aside, I was proud of McCain and felt so sorry for him. This was his only shot, and he didn’t get it. He took the loss with incredible dignity. His failure wasn’t sugar-coated. He accepted full responsibility for his loss and basically said that “It was OK.” I’m so proud that our country has elected a black president. Of course being black is not why he should be president, It’s just great that being black no longer means he can’t be.


In 2000, I proudly wore my “I Voted” sticker out of the polls. Being 18 all kinds of things were new. I could buy porn, I could smoke, I could join the army, I was a real man!  Both my Mom and I were excited to take full advantage of the novelty of my adulthood as a voter.  Sorry, I voted for Bush.  In 2004 Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke at the Republican Convention, that was enough to keep me happy with how things were. I didn’t vote for round 2, but if I did it would have been again for W.  At the time I was all into the Lord and in therefore in favor of any issues that Jesus would have liked.

I really had no business voting. At the time I worked part time, lived at home, the outcome wasn’t going to influence me very much either way. Is the “vote-cause-I-can” mentality OK?  Absolutely!  I had every right to make the worst decision ever and aid in wrecking peoples lives.  However, I do feel bad about it now.  I thought I was doing the right thing.  A responsible vote is very difficult thing to do. To make an intelligent unbiased vote you must; learn every issue, after making a decision- shield yourself from all campaigning, ignore the polls, don’t put a sign in your yard, don’t notice signs in other people’s yards. It’s not a very realistic expectation, so just do the best you can. The best anyone can do is be optimistic with your country and have fun voting.