New Facebook Layout

March 23, 2009


A week or so ago Facebook started a new layout. People really need to stop crying about how they miss the old layout. The site is free, and is insanely addictive. Personally I really appreciate how ever changing the site is. Whether or not you like the current layout or not, you have to appreciate that it’s not stagnant (ahem MySpace).




Michael Jackson Week

March 12, 2009

Last night American Idol finished with Michael Jackson week.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love me some Michael Jackson.  For the past several years I’ve listed him in the hero section (I specify that I want him to pull it together) on my MySpace.  So Michael Jackson week should have been a dream come true, however, as I was reminded from way back when Britney Spears tried to pull of a part in a Jacko song, anyone other then Jacks himself leaves dissapointment.  Brittey Spears is not known for her incredible voice, however check out how Michael Jackson completely dwarfs her.

Most of the performances were disappointing however, the “odd’ contestant Alison Iraheta did a good Jacko:

Alas, Jacko’s version is still untouchable: 

Flock Vs. FireFox

February 16, 2009

About a week ago I started using Flock, the social networking web browser.  If your looking to have your internet world completely changed, enhanced, improved…. Flock most likely will leave you slightly disappointed.  However, despite it not being the Jesus Christ of web browsers, I have officially moved over to it.

Online reviews ofen talk about memory usage and file sizes, these descriptions were worthless to me.  Most browsers work, which brings things down to preference.  Based upon my experience thus far, this is why I prefer Flock:

*It’s prettier version of FireFox



*It has a neat My World home page


*Despite the social network integration being too busy to benefit from, it creates the illusion that all the sites are one


*It does a good job by bypassing sign-in screens for websites

Siphoning the bulk of what’s popular on the Internet into one cohesive portal is no doubt a daunting task, and I don’t believe that Flock has fully acomplished this.  However, so far, this is the most social-networking-friendly browser yet.  And of course the porn works just fine on it too.

Mom on MySpace Kills!

November 20, 2008

I just love this story. Lori Drew this middle-aged woman, her daughter, and her co-worker gets on the MySpace and pretend to be a 16 year old boy. She uses her fake identity to torment this 13 year old girl. I just picture all the good times I’ve spent with people crowded around the computer (my Mom included) egging the person on who’s in the driver’s seat. MySpace drama is what MySpace is for. But sadly, this time the 13 year old girl ends up killing herself over the rejection. This isn’t being considered a murder but still Lori Drew faces 20 years in prison for inflicting emotional stress over a computer.

Of course it’s sad that a 13 year old hung herself, but if someone hangs themselves over a failed internet love, then maybe they shouldn’t be on MySpace. Of course the family of the girl say that 20 years is not enough.