I’m working this New Year’s Day. I had to abstain from the drink last night, so sad.

2 Minutes until midnight, Ashley and I are Steve‘s house waiting for the ball to drop. Miley Cyrus was singing 7 Things I Hate About You on MTV. Paul is almost passed out next to me, Jeff is behind me being angsty towards Miley Cyrus. The song ends, the countdown begins. 10, 9, 8,7, (everyone’s glued to the TV) 6, 5, (the New Year’s kiss is almost here) 4, 3, 2 …..South Park. Their DVR interrupted the ball drop. No Happy New Years ball. Steve’s wife frantically fixed it and returned into MTV. The crowd is cheering, everyone looks happy, confetti is in the air. Seconds later, Entourage recording started. Happy New Years!

Reality TV

November 10, 2008



Reality TV has done amazing things for television. New sitcoms are almost entirely gone. Viewers now have either super high production value dramas, or trashy reality TV to enjoy. After a long hard day, there’s nothing better then sitting back with the wife and watching a team of slutty girls pretend to go through charm school, or some uncool guys open sets with girls while trying to become pickup artists. No ones any smarter at the end of the day, but simple pleasures go a long way. Whoever said TV had to be mentally challenging? It’s still more engaging then the streaming puppy cam.