Gummi Bears

April 13, 2009

Ashley sent me this interesting article which included Gallup Polls illustrating the decline of Christianity and the rise of Atheism.



This Easter I got a new drivers hat, slippers, gummi bears, and a Jungle Book singing toothbrush.

I ran out of gummi bears already ūüė¶


Check out Rambo playing with his new toy:


100th Entry!

April 12, 2009


Not only do we get to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus on this Easter Sunday, we also get to celebrate the 100th blog entry!


I stopped taking Effexor. ¬†So far it’s going terribly, I’m incredibly dizzy, nauseous, and unfriendly, which has left me unpopular with the misses.



Yesterday, my mom took us too a cat show.




We overheard, “If she doesn’t work out for the judging today, she’ll be for sale.”

But today, it’s Easter, we get candy!!!!

The Refrigerator Commeth

April 8, 2009

With the floors being finished, I installed the new runner for the stairs.



The puppies are wondering why we are so interested in our old fridge.



Take one last look.




The new one arrives!



All of our food had to chill out (or warm up rather) on our counter while we awaited the new one’s arrival.



The delivery people removed our fridge and an ancient stand up freezer from the basement that squealed unless you stood next to it and knocked on it every few minutes.



It won’t be missed.




In with the new.



Behold the beautiful LG 21 Cubit Foot Side-by-side!



We almost didn’t fit most of our frozen stuff, we need to grow up and not eat all frozen food.





Staining the Floors

April 5, 2009

Until the floors are finised, Ashley and I have made a bed on the family roon floor.  While I napped, Ashley stole a pic of my man-cleavage, too bad.



Pops brushed the stain on, and I wiped it off, it’s mans work.








Because Ashley and I enjoy sleeping in the family room so much, we decided to take another week and re-finish our hardwod floors.


Originally we were to lazy to refinsh so we just painted. ¬†We had to lock those pesky splinter down so they wouldn’t jab into our socks in the middle of the night.

Be careful Eddie.



The use of Goof Off was an intoxicating failure.  We got hot while the floors just turned to goop and were no easier to scrape up.


I got my Dad to help us. ¬†At first he was displeased with the project, then after some Goof Off fumes, he couldn’t be happier.


Work Dad Work!!!!



Potato found himself a home in some paint tray liners, ¬†he’s a handsome boy. ¬†Today we finish srapping, and then sand the bo-shit out of the splintery floors.


During one of the many trips to Home Depot I saw the magical bag of ice melt that just drove me wild.


Bath Tub Debacle

March 25, 2009

For the past week Ashley and I have been working on remodeling our bathroom.  We installed wains-coating, new moulding, and a fancy-pants sink.



After many attempts on random objects in the basement, Ashley perfected the art of the stencil to spruce up our cheap-ass cabinets.



Last night I began to refinish the bath tub.



It’s basically just paint-on glaze. ¬†Give it 2 coats and presto!




The paint is so think that the can did not last for two coats.  I hurried out to Home Depot to get more only to find that they are currently out.



If you can’t apply the second coat within 4 hours of the first, you have to wait 72 hours before you can start again.



Extremely disappointing.  Now to clean up.


Is that Heaven up there?

March 11, 2009


Lying in bed last night, about to fall asleep, Ashley asks about how I want to handle magical issues (mainly heaven) regarding our future child. ¬†Assuming a hypothetical death of hypothetical hamster, do we explain the reality of the situation to the child or do we allow the comforting thoughts of heaven? Ashley’s already assured me that she’s using heaven.


Following the hypothetical death of the hypothetical hamster, the kid would more then likely move on and not think about the hamster all that much as time went on, leaving hamster-heaven back in childhood along with Santa Claus. ¬†However, what would happen if we had to explain the death of a person. ¬†Let’s pretend I die, (can’t kill the wife off in hypothetical examples) the emotional intensity of picturing a parent in heaven will most likely last far beyond childhood. ¬†That would seem more real then hamster-heaven did. ¬†Now our child has a predisposition for being religious. Whatever our child ultimately believes is up to them, but I would hate for them to fall to magical thinking simply we intentionally misled them.

Understanding religion is very important, but how do you teach your child about religion without just teaching religion? ¬†I really don’t know how I feel about this and I don’t know how helpful the thought of heaven truly is.

Elrond vs. Enron

March 2, 2009

Today was the first legitimate snow day all winter long. This morning I watched Enron “The Smartest Guys in the Room” and later on Ashley and I watched Lord of the Rings: “The Fellowship of the Ring.” Both movies deal with absolute power and nothing thinking about the little people.¬† However, Enron never had a elf such as Elrond!


He’s to be taken seriously.


Enron was a fantastic scam, kudos!

Culinary Art

March 1, 2009

Going out to eat: 

I sincerely am not interested in a “chef’s” culinary art. ¬†Their job is to offer me an attractive and consumable package, if the package isn’t appealing enough as-is, then they should accommodate.


Ashley and I went out to eat last night for her Mom’s birthday. ¬†It was this arrogant restaurant in downtown Annapolis: O’Learys. ¬†Yes of course the food was good, it’s not hard to find a restaurant that serves good food. ¬†Ashley asked the waiter if she could swap something out from her entree and the server’s face scrunched up, shook his head and said he would have to ask for the chefs permission. ¬†


Who do these chefs think they are? If someone asks for Cheerios with some Tang to wash it down, and it’s available in the back, then there’s no reason not to comply.

What you get when you go to places like O’Learys, is simply the knowledge that your surrounded by people who have money. ¬†Personally, I like going to places where I know the surrounded patrons have less money then me, makes me feel better about myself.

February 25, 2009

Recently Ashley and I went on an extensive road trip. Before leaving I wanted to fill up my iPod with some Tim Minchin, the Australian musical comedian. For one reason or another, Tim Minchin music doesn’t seem to exist in the US.

In my desperation to get my fix I found this really cool website that allows you to pull music directly from YouTube. The website is You simply copy a YouTube video’s URL into this site and it rips the audio from any video and then makes it available to download. The site is free and efficient.