Is that Heaven up there?

March 11, 2009


Lying in bed last night, about to fall asleep, Ashley asks about how I want to handle magical issues (mainly heaven) regarding our future child.  Assuming a hypothetical death of hypothetical hamster, do we explain the reality of the situation to the child or do we allow the comforting thoughts of heaven? Ashley’s already assured me that she’s using heaven.


Following the hypothetical death of the hypothetical hamster, the kid would more then likely move on and not think about the hamster all that much as time went on, leaving hamster-heaven back in childhood along with Santa Claus.  However, what would happen if we had to explain the death of a person.  Let’s pretend I die, (can’t kill the wife off in hypothetical examples) the emotional intensity of picturing a parent in heaven will most likely last far beyond childhood.  That would seem more real then hamster-heaven did.  Now our child has a predisposition for being religious. Whatever our child ultimately believes is up to them, but I would hate for them to fall to magical thinking simply we intentionally misled them.

Understanding religion is very important, but how do you teach your child about religion without just teaching religion?  I really don’t know how I feel about this and I don’t know how helpful the thought of heaven truly is.

3 Responses to “Is that Heaven up there?”

  1. If we leave the kid to determine what he/she ultimately believes, then this is actually sort of a non-issue. We can state that many people believe in an afterlife or a heaven (like Grandma and Grandpa McAtee), and other people believe nothing happens after we die (like Grandma and Grandpa Jackson). There are infinite possibilities. But Mommy and Daddy don’t have the answer, so go ask Potato.

  2. T said

    Truthfully I believe your child will have more issues dealing with the fact that their hamster looks more like a Cat ;)… Do you know how traumatized he/shes going to be when she/he takes their lil precious to pet day?
    OR how about they they are PLEASEEEEEEEEEE ing to get that ball to shove it’s lil azz in and she just WONT fit?

    She/He will Love their Hamster NO matter what anyone well as their PARENTS.

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