I Love the Internet

April 21, 2009


Does anybody else love the Internet? I mean really love it, I love it like I love my wife (a similar feeling but of course at a fraction of the love). I’m so insanely proud of mankind for creating this seemingly magical, non-localized device that almost grants wishes. Now I don’t believe in god, but those who do, think of him as the culmination of goodness in the universe, for me it’s the Internet. It’s mankind doing what it does best, rocking the shit out of information.


I’m just so pleased that I can always enjoy blogs that disrespect cats, videos of EVERYTHING, connectivity to people I would otherwise never hear from again, nor care about.

Sometimes I fantasize about going back in time and finding some pioneers to brag to about this magical thing we have that will grant you as many answers as you have questions. People need to be more excited. We have something better then magic. Since praying thanks to the Internet is rather foolish, everyone should do their gratitude by just being excited.


Any kind of porn you can think of is online. Every cute animal that ever existed, is online. Every video that has ever graced our TVs is either online or is currently being added online.

Metallica and Google

April 19, 2009

I picked up the Guitar Hero Metallica game yesterday, totally can’t wait to dive into it.




In other news, Google Images just got really cool. Check out the new features they added.






I love me some Google Images.

New Facebook Layout

March 23, 2009


A week or so ago Facebook started a new layout. People really need to stop crying about how they miss the old layout. The site is free, and is insanely addictive. Personally I really appreciate how ever changing the site is. Whether or not you like the current layout or not, you have to appreciate that it’s not stagnant (ahem MySpace).





February 25, 2009

Recently Ashley and I went on an extensive road trip. Before leaving I wanted to fill up my iPod with some Tim Minchin, the Australian musical comedian. For one reason or another, Tim Minchin music doesn’t seem to exist in the US.

In my desperation to get my fix I found this really cool website that allows you to pull music directly from YouTube. The website is www.listentoyoutube.com. You simply copy a YouTube video’s URL into this site and it rips the audio from any video and then makes it available to download. The site is free and efficient.


Flock Vs. FireFox

February 16, 2009

About a week ago I started using Flock, the social networking web browser.  If your looking to have your internet world completely changed, enhanced, improved…. Flock most likely will leave you slightly disappointed.  However, despite it not being the Jesus Christ of web browsers, I have officially moved over to it.

Online reviews ofen talk about memory usage and file sizes, these descriptions were worthless to me.  Most browsers work, which brings things down to preference.  Based upon my experience thus far, this is why I prefer Flock:

*It’s prettier version of FireFox



*It has a neat My World home page


*Despite the social network integration being too busy to benefit from, it creates the illusion that all the sites are one


*It does a good job by bypassing sign-in screens for websites

Siphoning the bulk of what’s popular on the Internet into one cohesive portal is no doubt a daunting task, and I don’t believe that Flock has fully acomplished this.  However, so far, this is the most social-networking-friendly browser yet.  And of course the porn works just fine on it too.

Singularity University

February 8, 2009

I just enjoyed a new episode of The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe  to enjoy while I ate some lunch.  

The first bit of news on the show today was a discussion about Ray Kurzweil and his joint venture with Google and NASA: The Singularity University.  This uber-prestigious university is designed to groom really smart people (with lots of money) to solve major world-wide problems with ridiculously awesome technology.  In the video on their website, they provide the example of fighting world hunger with AI.  How exactly you do that, I don’t know, but I guess if you are cool enough to go to the Singularity University then you will.


I’m so happy that the Skeptic’s Guide finally discussed their Skeptical view of Kurzweil.  I had requested through their website that they talk more on him, and I’m just going to pretend that today’s episode was for me. 

Ray Kurzweil predicts computers to surpass the sum of all human intelligence by sometime in the 2040’s.  He takes about 230 vitamin supplements a day to try and live forever.  He’s like a rock star he’s awesome, but totally wacko at the same time.  Steve Novella described him as today’s Nikola Tessla.   Basically, the SGU deemed him extremely optimistic on his time-frame, and downright foolish with his vitamin mega dosing, but in the end, he has an awesome brain and is worth listening to. 

I’m still desperately awaiting the The Singularity is Near Movie which is supposed to be out “early 2009.”

Social-Networking Atheism

January 21, 2009

I know what I believe, and I feel very strongly about it.   I really believe that when things matter to you, honesty is the best policy. In the past year or two, I’ve morphed into a hardcore Atheist. Having been a guilt-ridden Christian all my life before prior, Atheism is so exciting to me. Imagine, coming to the realization that one of the most important things to you, all your life, was wrong, It’s life-changing.  It’s inspired me to question everything, to be skeptical. With the loss of religious faith, I have gained excitement about the world I live in.  Learning is a wonderful thing instead of a dangerous thing.

I’m super excited about my new look on life and I want to be open about it.  However, my openness has exposed me to my parents. My Mom joined Facebook and thus the cat was let out of the bag. Side note: I’m super proud of my Mom for being hip with the kids on the coolest social-networking site ever. However, I feel so sad for her.  I know how Christians see Atheists and it’s not too good.  I imagine that she’s very sad about it, and for that I feel terrible.

However honesty is the best policy.  I am passionate about my beliefs, and I also love my Mom. If I chose one over the other, then both would be diminished.  If I’m honest then I can trust my Mom fully and believe how I want.

What’s the Harm?

January 8, 2009

What’s the harm in believing in ghosts, believing in astrology, believing in religious fundamentalism, believing in vitamin mega dosing? Off the top of my head I don’t know, but whatstheharm.net does. This website does nothing else but provide examples for how irrational thought can cause personal injury or death. The website lists popular pseudosciences such as alternative medicine, the paranormal, conspiracy theories, as well as lists famous people who had their lives negatively effected or ended due to their dangerous irrational beliefs.

Jim Henson who felt ill for several days prior to his death, didn’t go to the hospital due to his Christian Science upbringing.
Bob Marley needed his baby toe amputated to save his life but his religious beliefs forbade it.
Wesley Snipes believed that he didn’t have to pay taxes, he had to pay $12 million and spend 3 years in prison.

iPhoto ’09

January 7, 2009

While in the McDonalds Drive-Through yesterday I experienced some embarrassingly low technology. Being the cheapskate I am, I attempted to give the cashier a handful of quarters along with my credit card. The cashier told me he can’t do both cash and credit. It’s now 2009, and McDonalds can’t handle multiple payment options.

On the flip side Apple has added face recognition and GPS tagging to iPhoto ’09. The Lord Jesus Christ has possessed the new iPhoto with his holiness. You can now tell iPhoto what one of your friends looks like and iPhoto will automatically look through your other photos and find your friends for you. iPhoto sideshow’s now use face recognition to center faces and crop your photos for more professional looking sideshows.

Also iPhoto now syncs with Facebook and Flickr. Once photos are posted on Facebook, any extra tagging that occurs will filter back through to your iPhoto.

I used up the rest of my iTunes money and bought the Neil Diamond Essentials, I’ll be rocking out today.

This Merry Christmas Eve I laid awake in bed thinking first about the WifeBo sleeping on my chest, then thinking about this video I watched online last night talking about the first 5000 days of the Internet.  When stated like that, 5000 doesn’t sound like very long (it comes out to 13.69 years old).  The Internet has definitely existed longer then that, but that age reflects the time that the public has access to it, (a la: Al Gore).

It’s exciting to think about the Internet as one unified machine that once it was started, it has never once gone offline for even a second.  Even if you personally lose your connection, the overall stability is awe inspiriting.  It used to be that only standard computers could talk to each other, now it’s your phone, it’s you TV, it’s you Blu-ray Player, it’s your car, your DVR, your gaming console.

It will be wild to see how this collective consciousness develops as time goes on.  Merry Christmas Eve.