Speed Camera Pimping

December 22, 2008

A few months ago I got a speeding ticket in Montgomery County MD from a camera. I was legitimately speeding, and according to the law, I deserved it. Check out this awesome new scam high school kids are doing with those cameras:

(These picture have nothing to do with the scam, I just thought they were funny.)

They first get a photo of someone’s license plate who has wronged them in the past. They then fabricate a fake MD license plate and attach it to their car and just drive passed the cameras speeding. They have dubbed the game “Speed Camera Pimping”. Of course the parents are saying that’s it’s awful, and yea it’s fraudulent, I’d be pissed, but that’s a good one.

Midwest Teen Sex Show

November 17, 2008

Every couple weeks I add a new podcast to my list, and remove ones I deem to be no longer worth while. My newest podcast is the Midwest Teen Sex Show. No, it’s not porn. My wife was not impressed with me for checking this one out, she says that being 26 is too old for a sex podcast with the word “Teen” in the title. So I’m creepy, doesn’t bother me. This video podcast is geared towards children who are interested in making the plunge into sex. Each episode is about 5 minutes long which is great. The show is funny, it’s blunt, the production value is extremely high and they repeatedly make cancer jokes. Each episode has a topic which they explain through sketch comedy. Each joke isn’t always a hit, but overall the show is good fun.

I remember in late middle school, early high school, I would lay awake in bed, secretly listening to Love Line on my Walkman. Having never even seen an image of a vagina, the show was quite titillating. I had to lay in just the right position or Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew turned to static. You can’t replace Love Line, but at least the kids have somewhere to learn about the pros and cons on anal sex and the dangers of pulling out.