Not Rich!

April 28, 2009

When driving between Bel Air and White Marsh, Ashley and I came across this disgrace of a fancy bridal shop.


Busted Couch

April 26, 2009

Of our amazing puppies peed on this couch.  We don’t have a truck to take it to the dump (and I’m too cheap to anyway) so I decided to dismantle it and stuff it in the trash can.


According to the secret message underneath the padding Bruce used to own this couch.






I broke its shit!



We no longer have a white trash front porch.


Discovery Potty Humor

April 22, 2009

I saw this in the bathroom and thought it was humorous:



I Love the Internet

April 21, 2009


Does anybody else love the Internet? I mean really love it, I love it like I love my wife (a similar feeling but of course at a fraction of the love). I’m so insanely proud of mankind for creating this seemingly magical, non-localized device that almost grants wishes. Now I don’t believe in god, but those who do, think of him as the culmination of goodness in the universe, for me it’s the Internet. It’s mankind doing what it does best, rocking the shit out of information.


I’m just so pleased that I can always enjoy blogs that disrespect cats, videos of EVERYTHING, connectivity to people I would otherwise never hear from again, nor care about.

Sometimes I fantasize about going back in time and finding some pioneers to brag to about this magical thing we have that will grant you as many answers as you have questions. People need to be more excited. We have something better then magic. Since praying thanks to the Internet is rather foolish, everyone should do their gratitude by just being excited.


Any kind of porn you can think of is online. Every cute animal that ever existed, is online. Every video that has ever graced our TVs is either online or is currently being added online.


April 20, 2009


It’s not a well kept secret that I have terrible taste in music. I like Brittany Spears, I like Creed, I like Kelly Clarkson, I like the Mamma Mia Soundtrack, I am disrespected constantly. I’m really not impressed with a lot of “cooler” music.


1. Excessive technical ability is unimportant song quality. If you’re not at a live show, the “artists” ability to play great is erroneous. As long as you’re good enough to pull off the recording, you’re good to go.

2. The musicians don’t have to be the songwriters. There’s nothing magical about the singer/songwriter. A songs quality shouldn’t be effected by who did or didn’t write it. Erroneous!

3. A band’s unique sound doesn’t automatically make them superior. The main stream sound is popular for a reason, diverging from is it certainly allowed and encouraged, but simply doing equal free kudos.

4. The hip band you’ve never heard of isn’t cooler then Brittany Spears solely because they are underground. Unless you don’t want your music to reach very far, the concept of underground should be a disparaging comment, not an acknowledgement. Big bands have simply been successful, it’s not awesome to be less successful.

5. A band’s longevity doesn’t necessarily add up to quality. Any tenacious piece of crap band can just not give up, doesn’t equal goodness.

6. A bands level of aggression has no bearing on the quality of their music. I’ve always hated it when people say things like, “This band makes Metallica look like a kiddie band, they are really hardcore!”

7. The comparison between an full band and a solo artist is also erroneous. No one knows the bass player’s name regardless, so what’s the difference? Unless every band member is independently famous, full band acts are exactly the same as solo ones. The full-time or part-time status of band members most often has minimal effect on the music.


I really hate it when someone asks you, “So what kind of music do you like?” In my experience, it usually seems like an opportunity for the person asking to then fire off with as many unknown, or extremely non-current bands in attempt as impressing me. It’s exactly the same with film snobs. They tell you their top 5 includes the most low budget indie films ever made and with distribution so it impossible you can recognize what their talking about. But then day to day you hear them quoting Hook or cheesy Arnold Schwarzenegger lines.


I wish people would simply consume the media that they enjoy and not use it as a means to gain respect.  And I wish that when you are forced to participate in those awful, “So, what do you listen to” conversations, that it doesn’t quickly spiral into a dick measuring contest about who’s music is cooler, smarter, more unique, more technically proficient.

Metallica and Google

April 19, 2009

I picked up the Guitar Hero Metallica game yesterday, totally can’t wait to dive into it.




In other news, Google Images just got really cool. Check out the new features they added.






I love me some Google Images.

Gummi Bears

April 13, 2009

Ashley sent me this interesting article which included Gallup Polls illustrating the decline of Christianity and the rise of Atheism.



This Easter I got a new drivers hat, slippers, gummi bears, and a Jungle Book singing toothbrush.

I ran out of gummi bears already 😦


Check out Rambo playing with his new toy:

100th Entry!

April 12, 2009


Not only do we get to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus on this Easter Sunday, we also get to celebrate the 100th blog entry!


I stopped taking Effexor.  So far it’s going terribly, I’m incredibly dizzy, nauseous, and unfriendly, which has left me unpopular with the misses.



Yesterday, my mom took us too a cat show.




We overheard, “If she doesn’t work out for the judging today, she’ll be for sale.”

But today, it’s Easter, we get candy!!!!

The Refrigerator Commeth

April 8, 2009

With the floors being finished, I installed the new runner for the stairs.



The puppies are wondering why we are so interested in our old fridge.



Take one last look.




The new one arrives!



All of our food had to chill out (or warm up rather) on our counter while we awaited the new one’s arrival.



The delivery people removed our fridge and an ancient stand up freezer from the basement that squealed unless you stood next to it and knocked on it every few minutes.



It won’t be missed.




In with the new.



Behold the beautiful LG 21 Cubit Foot Side-by-side!



We almost didn’t fit most of our frozen stuff, we need to grow up and not eat all frozen food.





Staining the Floors

April 5, 2009

Until the floors are finised, Ashley and I have made a bed on the family roon floor.  While I napped, Ashley stole a pic of my man-cleavage, too bad.



Pops brushed the stain on, and I wiped it off, it’s mans work.