This Merry Christmas Eve I laid awake in bed thinking first about the WifeBo sleeping on my chest, then thinking about this video I watched online last night talking about the first 5000 days of the Internet.  When stated like that, 5000 doesn’t sound like very long (it comes out to 13.69 years old).  The Internet has definitely existed longer then that, but that age reflects the time that the public has access to it, (a la: Al Gore).

It’s exciting to think about the Internet as one unified machine that once it was started, it has never once gone offline for even a second.  Even if you personally lose your connection, the overall stability is awe inspiriting.  It used to be that only standard computers could talk to each other, now it’s your phone, it’s you TV, it’s you Blu-ray Player, it’s your car, your DVR, your gaming console.

It will be wild to see how this collective consciousness develops as time goes on.  Merry Christmas Eve.

The Singularity is Near Movie

November 19, 2008

The Sony PS3 processes at 205 gflops (205 billion calculations per second).

The new Jaguar supercomputer performs 1 pedaflop (1 quadrillion calculations per second).


Scientists predict that humans operate at 100 pedaflops (100 quadrillion calculations per second). The singularity is on it’s way.

Speaking of which, Ray Kurzewil‘s favorite topic (the Singularity) is being made into a movie and is coming out next year The Singularity is Near movie.