The Grey Area

January 14, 2009

I believe that all questions have a black and white answer. So-called “Grey areas” are times when we either have an incomplete logic system, or are not fully abiding by the one we have. However hypocritical, I seem to have fallen into a grey-area. What’s the value of life? Is exploiting animals okay? Currently, I’m in favor of all the advantages brought to us by exploiting humans as well as other creatures. I think abortion is okay, and I’m okay with the death penalty. What I’m unsure of is, should our goal be to eventually wean ourselves off of the exploitation of animals? My current logic corners me into an unclear answer.

With the understanding that there is no god, and therefore anything living or nonliving must be judged as relative to everything else. The value of animal life according to humans must be decided by humans based upon out selfish best interests.

In society, we protect ourselves by not allowing humans to kill other humans, this way an individuals vulnerability goes down which makes us all better off. When it comes to animals, we typically aren’t faced with any of the same dangers that exist when someone commits murder. An animal doesn’t seek revenge, doesn’t form gangs, doesn’t start wars, people are intellectually superior (which then also means we are physically superior) without too much personal risk. Okay, so from a survival of the fittest viewpoint, animal exploitation it’s okay.

But it still doesn’t feel right. Are people reduced to be compassionate solely because we feel empathy towards other living things? If a spider had a more familiar face and If I could see it, would I then not stomp on it when it creeps across the floor?

Okay, a spider doesn’t contain the same level of intelligence that a dog does, so is the value of life measured by how intelligent something is? So what’s the value of intelligence? Intelligence means that you have the ability to learn and therefore carry out more complicated tasks. So if we want to use animals to do beneficial work for us, we could also benefit from animals by exploiting them to death.

Animals work their way they live, they work our way they die.

Our way, we get what we want.

Their way, we get more living neighbors.

We don’t need neighbors, we need what we want.

So I guess it’s okay to exploit animals, logically it looks to be okay, but it still feels like a grey area.

Manly Haircut

December 16, 2008

I went to The Temple Paul Mitchell school yesterday for a haircut. The students give you a classy salon experience for $15 and an enforced no tip policy, the only drawback is you’re being taken care of by students who might take forever and might mess you up. Usually you get really hot girls or some gay guy, well yesterday I was given Ken. Ken was neither attractive nor gay. He looked kind of like James Hetfield in his thirties and spoke with a very slow manly twang. He used to work on CAT equipment and diesel engines, but decided that now he wanted to get into hair. He was telling me about his he listens to the Christian music radio stations because the music is good. Never mind Jesus, the songs were catchy.

As he cut and styled me he slowly explained to me, “We’re going to give the punk rock, put a little Green Day in your hair,” which I thought was fantastic because I hadn’t told him of my Green Day pleasures. He asked me if I wanted him to take care of my wolf-man (the scraggly back-of-the-neck hair). I told him to take care of the wolf-man.


Afterward he thanked me repeatedly for coming in, giving him a man’s hair for a change. He gave me several business cards and asked me to pass along his name to other people. So if you’re in Frederick MD and need a good haircut, go see Ken at:

The Temple Paul Mitchell School
22-24 West Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701


I’m not sure if I got the “punk rock Green Day” hair style, but I like it.

Neutering Rambo

December 5, 2008

December 5th 2008, Rambo is no longer a real man.  I took him to get neutered today.


Rambo cried most of the  drive to the vet.  I let him out of his crate for a while, but he just roamed the car and caused trouble.



Be a trooper Rambo, we’ll see you in a few hours.

In other news my Mom surprised Ashley and I with this fancy new wreath!  Thanks Mom.