Gummi Bears

April 13, 2009

Ashley sent me this interesting article which included Gallup Polls illustrating the decline of Christianity and the rise of Atheism.



This Easter I got a new drivers hat, slippers, gummi bears, and a Jungle Book singing toothbrush.

I ran out of gummi bears already ūüė¶


Check out Rambo playing with his new toy:


100th Entry!

April 12, 2009


Not only do we get to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus on this Easter Sunday, we also get to celebrate the 100th blog entry!


I stopped taking Effexor. ¬†So far it’s going terribly, I’m incredibly dizzy, nauseous, and unfriendly, which has left me unpopular with the misses.



Yesterday, my mom took us too a cat show.




We overheard, “If she doesn’t work out for the judging today, she’ll be for sale.”

But today, it’s Easter, we get candy!!!!

Is that Heaven up there?

March 11, 2009


Lying in bed last night, about to fall asleep, Ashley asks about how I want to handle magical issues (mainly heaven) regarding our future child. ¬†Assuming a hypothetical death of hypothetical hamster, do we explain the reality of the situation to the child or do we allow the comforting thoughts of heaven? Ashley’s already assured me that she’s using heaven.


Following the hypothetical death of the hypothetical hamster, the kid would more then likely move on and not think about the hamster all that much as time went on, leaving hamster-heaven back in childhood along with Santa Claus. ¬†However, what would happen if we had to explain the death of a person. ¬†Let’s pretend I die, (can’t kill the wife off in hypothetical examples) the emotional intensity of picturing a parent in heaven will most likely last far beyond childhood. ¬†That would seem more real then hamster-heaven did. ¬†Now our child has a predisposition for being religious. Whatever our child ultimately believes is up to them, but I would hate for them to fall to magical thinking simply we intentionally misled them.

Understanding religion is very important, but how do you teach your child about religion without just teaching religion? ¬†I really don’t know how I feel about this and I don’t know how helpful the thought of heaven truly is.

With the new arrival of our Maryland tax return, Ashley and I have gone on a quest to find a new couch.  Currently we have the silliest couch ever made, the Super Sofa.  It has a fold out tray, built in massage, heating, hidden hubbies everywhere, and now thanks to us, it has the familiar faint scent of cat pee.  I loved this couch.

While looking for our new fancy family room ride we visited Marlo, Ashley, and Wolf’s.¬† We eventually made our final purchase at Wolf’s Furniture, however the other two stores frantically stalked us as we shopped.¬† Ashley and I would try out a sofa while the salesperson joined us, “So do you like this one?” “How about this one?”¬† “This one is new!” “This one has microfiber!”¬† “Did you see one you liked?”¬† Occasionally we would manage to wiggle away from them only to see them floating around behind us conveniently organizing pillows.

So today we go to pick up our new adult-style sofa.  So long Super Sofa.

Want more exciting news about the Henley family room make-over?¬† Check out Ashley’s blog:


December 23, 2008

So I celebrated Hanukkah last night.¬† Ashley’s mom is Jewish (emphasis on the “ish”).¬† Her parents gave us each $200 that were were forced to spend on happy things.¬† Promptly after dinner we took the money to the mall.¬† This was no joke, we had to cover as much ground as possible in a short time, so we parted ways.¬† You might think that blowing $200 is easy, it stressed me out.¬† I thought about buying a PSP or an X-Box, but I don’t have time to take on another gaming system.¬† To make a long story short, I got a gray North Face jacket from Nordstroms, and Ashley got some sexy jeans and accessories.

For whatever the reason, Roscoe forgot then when he’s here, he’s supposed to poop outside.¬† When I take him out, he just gets confused and wants to bumble around and sniff.¬† 20 minutes go by in the freezing cold, he just sniffs.¬† So like a little puppy I took treats out to reward him when he finally went, so pitiful.

The Pillars of the Earth is getting good.¬† Tom’s wife just bled to death after giving birth and Tom freaked out and left the baby for dead.¬† I especially liked when that woman showed up and randomly had sex with him while he was resting from his baby-leaving adventure.¬† When I left off, he proposed to her, now to find out what’s up with that…

Henley Family Tree

December 5, 2008

Check out the Henley Family Christmas Tree.

Neutering Rambo

December 5, 2008

December 5th 2008, Rambo is no longer a real man.  I took him to get neutered today.


Rambo cried most of the  drive to the vet.  I let him out of his crate for a while, but he just roamed the car and caused trouble.



Be a trooper Rambo, we’ll see you in a few hours.

In other news my Mom surprised Ashley and I with this fancy new wreath!  Thanks Mom.