I Love the Internet

April 21, 2009


Does anybody else love the Internet? I mean really love it, I love it like I love my wife (a similar feeling but of course at a fraction of the love). I’m so insanely proud of mankind for creating this seemingly magical, non-localized device that almost grants wishes. Now I don’t believe in god, but those who do, think of him as the culmination of goodness in the universe, for me it’s the Internet. It’s mankind doing what it does best, rocking the shit out of information.


I’m just so pleased that I can always enjoy blogs that disrespect cats, videos of EVERYTHING, connectivity to people I would otherwise never hear from again, nor care about.

Sometimes I fantasize about going back in time and finding some pioneers to brag to about this magical thing we have that will grant you as many answers as you have questions. People need to be more excited. We have something better then magic. Since praying thanks to the Internet is rather foolish, everyone should do their gratitude by just being excited.


Any kind of porn you can think of is online. Every cute animal that ever existed, is online. Every video that has ever graced our TVs is either online or is currently being added online.

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