Pre – New Years Resolution

October 30, 2008

I’ve been thinking back to my 18th birthday when I got my first cell phone. I had a local only plan that cost $19.99/month. At the time I lived at home, worked retail, had few friends, and of course no girlfriend, I didn’t need a phone. Cell phones were still regarded as items of status, I got mine just because it was the cool thing to do. With my chunky new silver cell phone in hand, I would spend way more time marveling at its coolness, then actually placing calls.

I learned all the silly gimmicks of text messaging, ringtones, and the advent of the color screen. Flash forward 8 years and the cell phone has worked its way comfortably into my life. It entertains me at work when I’m bored, it keeps me in touch with family and friends, and it wakes me up every morning (and everytime I take a nap). This once frivolous piece of technology has evolved into something far more important.

I strongly believe that constantly craving more/better then what we already have, is the foundation of human progress. As new technology becomes available I plan to embrace as much of it as possible. I refuse to become satisfied with what works, I want what works better. 

I’m just learning Web.20. I had my wife create a PowerPoint presentation to explain it to me (yeah we work like that). I fancy myself savy on most new tech gadgets, but Web 2.0 was foreign to me. I gave up on MySpace after I met my wife on the site, and I don’t have that strong a social life, so much of the Internet seemed useless to me. I’ve regarded much of the Internet’s improvements as silly games for high school and college kids who have too much disposable time. However, I am afraid that If I do not embrace the Internet, then as new forms of it become available, I won’t know how best to benifit from it.

My pre-New Years resolution is to embrace all viable new new technology ASAP.

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