Revolutionary Road

January 24, 2009

So I’ve been sick again, it’s lame.  Ashley and I saw Revolutionary Road last night.  Prior to seeing the movie we both had read the book.  Ashley had created a book club (The Radical Book Club) that only survived for 1 book.  Revolutionay Road was to be the second.  The movie followed the book almost exactly.  It’s a good mix of arst-fartsiness, melodrama, and Leo!  Much of the movie Leo and Kate are fighting.  We all know that most fights are downright stupid, Ashley kept turning to me during one of their ’bout’s and reminded me when I did ‘this’ or ‘that’ and then we both would conceal a mocking chuckle at the two former Titanic starts for actin’-a-fool.

I highly recommend this joint, it’s about 2 hours, you get to see some breasts for a split second (to both our dismay Kate Winslet did not bear anything this time around).

In Patrick Swayze news, he’s not looking to good these days.

One Response to “Revolutionary Road”

  1. well, he did make that movie 22 years ago and he’s been suffering from cancer but… I’m not sure if cancer is supposed to turn you into Madame (

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