Had Enough of Obama?

January 20, 2009

Well I haven’t yet, but if you have:

American Idol is on tonight.

Lost is on tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Had Enough of Obama?”

  1. Phronk said

    Don’t forget Fringe tonight!

  2. Aston said

    Do you not think that the media was completely biased when he was running? That the media actually played a pivotal role in manufacturing the consent of the people?

    I see brilliant guys like Ron Paul during the debates with an illustrious political career and then I see Obama with two years of experience in politics and a ton of rhetorics on Hope, Change and Believe; none of which really stands for anything except the illusion that things might get better.

    Paul also never got the media coverage he ought to have gotten, even being thrown out of the Fox debates for supposedly having views contradictory to the party.

  3. jasonhenle said

    In all honesty I didn’t follow the primaries very closely early on, so I don’t know enough about how the media treated anyone early on. But after Obama was the official Democratic pick, I think the media was very fair. However, I don’t think it’s really fair to praise/blame the media for influencing voters. It’s the best system we have for getting information out to the people. If voters want to go beyond the normal media outlets, then the burden is on them to do that.

    If you want elections to be 100% fair, then there should be no election coverage at all, no rallays, no buttons, no stickers, no commercials. Give each candidate a standardized, boring text-only website which will be used to outline their platform. All debates should be delivered to the people transcribed so that seeing a candidate’s personality wouldn’t interfere with their message. No one would would be allowed to talk about the elections in fear of influencing the outcome. I have a bias, and you have a bias, it would be safer if people were left only with the issues and nothing else.

    The media can influence the outcome to some degree, but in my opinion it provides more of a benefit then a hindrance.

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