The Death and Return of Superman

January 18, 2009

Today is my birthday, I just turned 27. The typical Henley birthdays last for a week, therefore this is the Week-of-Jason. My party was on the 16th, wife took me out to the Melting Pot on the 17th, my Mom’s taking me out today, and my Dad tomorrow. Then Ashley’s parents sometime next weekend.

Among the personalized signature from James Randi, Ashley also got me the Death and Return of Superman in hardcover. Way back in 1992, when I was 10, I heard on the news that DC Comics was going to kill off Superman. Being incredibly naive I thought this meant the franchise was coming to an end. This was as good an opportunity as any to get in on comics. I asked my Mom if I could get the one where he dies.


We went to Wonderbook and Video and my Mom pre-orderd for both Jeff and I to get each issue leading up to, and following his death. Each week Jeff and I would make the journey on foot from our house to Wonderbook and Video to get the latest issue. Week after week Superman battled Doomsday. One week Superman was winning, one week it was Doomsday until finally both Superman and Doomsday were dead.

Following his death was several issues dedicated to his funeral and then several about his supposed return in suspicious new forms. The collection just kept going and going, and being 10, all I wanted to see was action, and there wasn’t too much action while was Superman dead.

Flash forward 17 years later (wow almost 2 decades) and my wife has bought me the hardcover version of that entire story (all 700 some pages of it). Reading it really takes me back.


One Response to “The Death and Return of Superman”

  1. Phronk said

    Happy birthday! Man, I remember being as naive as you about Superman’s death. I got both versions of the issue – the black bag one and the normal one – so I could read one, and keep one to sell back to the comic store for hundreds of dollars in 10 years. Now it’s going for $2.00 on eBay. 😦

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