January 10, 2009

Ashley and I have been watching a lot of House lately.  Every few days Ashley or I will fetch the big red envelope from the mail box with our next four episodes.  While in this damaged economy, I haven’t had much freelance work so we have a little extra time on our hands.  The four measly episodes on each Netflix disc isn’t enough to satisfy us.  After spending a few minutes searching online, we found every episode of house in its entirety (minus the ending credits) on this Asian version of YouTube called  People say we have difficulty delaying gratification, this is why.  We have legimate access to every TV show that’s currently on DVD, streaming to us at a normal, and steady and healthy pace, but when we are hindered by the speed of the US Mail, we find other ways to get what we want.

Check out this ridiculous picture of Cameron I found online, how come every female TV star has to take such cheesy, sexy pictures:

Also be sure to check out Ashley’s new killer Frederick News Post Column: Unintended Consequences.

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