iPhoto ’09

January 7, 2009

While in the McDonalds Drive-Through yesterday I experienced some embarrassingly low technology. Being the cheapskate I am, I attempted to give the cashier a handful of quarters along with my credit card. The cashier told me he can’t do both cash and credit. It’s now 2009, and McDonalds can’t handle multiple payment options.

On the flip side Apple has added face recognition and GPS tagging to iPhoto ’09. The Lord Jesus Christ has possessed the new iPhoto with his holiness. You can now tell iPhoto what one of your friends looks like and iPhoto will automatically look through your other photos and find your friends for you. iPhoto sideshow’s now use face recognition to center faces and crop your photos for more professional looking sideshows.

Also iPhoto now syncs with Facebook and Flickr. Once photos are posted on Facebook, any extra tagging that occurs will filter back through to your iPhoto.

I used up the rest of my iTunes money and bought the Neil Diamond Essentials, I’ll be rocking out today.

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