Let’s Put the FUN back in FUNeral

December 11, 2008

Last night I lied in bed thinking about my final wishes.  I need some kind of gathering and a burial method.  If remaining family members really need an obligatory religious ceremony, that’s fine.  However, for me I want a pizza party.  Don’t do it in a funeral home, those places scare people.  If you have to be upset, let’s not make it about how your in such a scary place.  I want pizza and Jason memorabilia scattered about.  I want my gathering to be the in-person version on an online profile.  I want my favorite movies and books and TV shows, and friends, and whatever else is used to define me, on display.

But the big question I am faced with the only true eternal question: to cremate or burry?  I’m really not sure what I want to do.  Burial is probably the norm, you get a definitive resting place that people can come to if they so choose.  However, the entire burial process seems so scary.  The iconic image of the casket can have such a strong visceral effect, I’m not sure if that’s what I want for my last harrah.

On the flip side, some people don’t like to think about their loved ones being burned up.  Me personally, I don’t care about being burned, I’m already dead.  However, if I am cremated, I don’t want to be in a jar in someone’s house. No one needs that constant depressing reminder.  No, go on a fun road trip and scatter me all over the place.  Familiar places and unfamiliar places, it doesn’t matter, just have a good time with me.

I also don’t want lots of money to be spent on my final arrangements.  If people want to bury me, buy my casket like a bottle of wine at a restaurant, go to the cheapest and then up one (just so people don’t talk).  No one is going to be spending that much time at the graveyard, so don’t waste hard earned money on the dead, instead buy something cool in my honor.  Buy a nice surround sound.  It’s a good practical memorial that won’t be wasted.  If you expect your legacy to be at your grave site, then you probably aren’t worth remembering.  But I still don’t know for sure if I want to be buried or not.

One Response to “Let’s Put the FUN back in FUNeral”

  1. biz319 said

    What an interesting post! We cremated my Dad, those were his wishes. However, the funeral director was trying to get us to buy a casket and then burn him in that – to the tune of $3,000! We actually rented a casket for his funeral, and then bought a cardboard ($100) casket for the cremation.

    He died in September ten years ago, but we waiting until our next family trip. He loved the water and always dreamed of sailing the sea, but that never happened. So we rented a fishing boat, had about 15 family members, and sailed out about an hour away from shore. We each said a memory and then we scattered his ashes in the water. It was a wonderful moment!

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