December 7, 2008

Many Whole Food grocery stores are now selling Aquamantra bottled water. Aquamantra is a magical bottled water. These bottles have been infused with positive phrases like “I am grateful” or “I am healthy”, and through the use of quantum mechanics, the water makes the phrase on the bottle true for you after you drink it.

The site claims the creator isDr. Masaru Emotowho was made famous by the the quantum physics movie What the Bleep Do We Know where he taped emotionally charged words onto glasses of water. He then studied the ice crystals and according to his findings, all the happy words spawned beautiful water crystals, and all the mean words spawned ugly water crystals. Because the human body is made up of 90% water, it also is subject to this kind of “quantum magic.” So for $2 to $3 Dr. Masaru Emoto will sell you magic happy water that will make you lucky, happy, and healthy.

So if you’re an attractive blond girl, you too might be an Aquamantra drinker:

Aquamantra is also “Proven to to change your Aura”. Grammar aside, it has to be true.


2 Responses to “Aquamantra”

  1. Dr. Emoto said

    This is not my water. These people have been pretending to have a relationship with me and have been using my likeness in order to further their product. I am NOT endorsing Aquamantra. My only contact with them was to take picture at one of my speaking seminars. I have no affiliation with them. Please adjust your blog to reflect this. thank you.

  2. As Dr. Emoto said, we do not claim anywhere on our website that he is the creator, as you referenced : The site claims the creator isDr. Masaru Emoto. I am the Creator of the water, Dr. Emoto is associated with H20m Water, also sold at Whole Foods. We use his intellectual teachings and imagery to prove the point, that water is a conduit and carries information.

    We thank you for writing about our water and proof-reading our website! Sometimes when you’re working towards your dreams of affecting the world in a positive way, you miss little details. Your assistance is most appreciated. Sending you Love, Light and Blessings.

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