Blu-ray Hi-Def (How about just “Blu-ray”)

December 4, 2008


Blu-ray Hi-Def… why must people use the unnecessary addition of “Hi-Def?” Are the Blu-ray marketing people concerned that the simple minded folks won’t know what Blu-ray is? “HD” and “High Def” have an equal number of syllables, “HD” is a legitimate acronym where as “High Def” sounds like a big pile of gay. We’re not going to start calling them: “DVD Standard Def”, so let’s just be simple, “DVD” and “Blu-ray“. If you don’t know which one is HD, then you probably don’t care much about HD to begin with.

Speaking of HD woes, when is Motorola going to streamline its interface for its cable box? The DVD needs folders like the TiVo, and the On-Demand needs….a new On-Demand. Another think I’d love is to automatically hide redundant SD duplicates, so people with HDTVs only watch HD feeds. I can’t say how many times I’ve been somewhere where people have HD and they are unknowingly watching the SD channels. Old people need assistance in making use of their HD.

4 Responses to “Blu-ray Hi-Def (How about just “Blu-ray”)”

  1. I need assistance in making use of my HD as well. Or, at least, I can’t be bothered to find the duplicate HD channel of the one I’m watching.

    But I agree about hi-def – it’s really lame. It reminds me of when you used to say you were going to “TM” me instead of text me.

  2. jasonhenle said

    Haha, totally antiquated daddy lingo

  3. at this point its like saying kleenex tissue
    and I’m sorry but WTF is that chick wearing? Is she in some blue version of Alice through the looking glass? HA! blue version 😉

  4. pathard said

    Yeah, there really isn’t a reason to use it. Just by looking at the screen, I’m sure people will figure it out.

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