Mac the Oval Office

November 18, 2008

Last night I fell asleep watching a dry On-Demand documentary about military contractors. The whole movie was just talking heads pointing fingers at the evil contractors, it was too one sided to get a fair account. Anyway around 8PM my wife Ashley attempted waking me and I was a little grumpy. What can I say, I was tired, I was celebrating some me-time, I was a man on his couch. She was being needy and rude. True, I was about 7% in the right, but that percentage doesn’t take you too far. I didn’t go to bed last night on very good terms. However, god bless the wife, despite my behavior she still kissed me goodnight. She always takes good care of me.

In other news, Obama is going to be the first U.S. President with a laptop in the Oval Office. It never occurred to me that the Oval Office desk was always missing a computer. He has to give up his Blackberry but rumor has it that Obama is going to Mac the Oval Office!

Check out Ashley’s Frederick News Post Column Unintended Consequences.

7 Responses to “Mac the Oval Office”

  1. tothewire said

    lol Love the site! Good job

  2. Ashley said

    You are ridiculous. I should make you watch the movie with me when you get home tonight at like 11pm. That would show you.

    How in the world did you find a picture of Obama juxtaposed with a Mac apple? That’s pretty talented.

  3. A mac, a barber-what other ways can he shake up the whitehouse?

  4. brokenbike said

    this is my favorite picture of obama’s macbook plus pacman sticker

  5. brokenbike said

    maybe it didn’t work here is a link

  6. jasonhenle said

    Oh Oh OH wow that’s an awesome picture of President B.O.

  7. iwalk said

    Obama?? iPhone …

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