King of Pop disappoints the Prince of Bahrian

November 18, 2008

Everybody’s favorite Michael Jackson is at it again. Apparently an avid fan, the Prince of Bahrain has taken a personal interest in the King of Pop. During his tough financial times, Jacko took millions from him with an understanding that he would come out with a new album, an autobiography, and a musical. All three of those things are too good to be true on their own.

Jacko had a tough time getting the creative juices flowing, so after some frustration he went back to the Prince of Bahrain with a brilliant idea: To get his ideas going he requested that Prince hire Tony Buzan, a “Mind Mapping and Motivational Guru.” This creativity magnet Tony charged the Prince of Bahrian $37,000 a day to give Jacko good ideas. Michael Jackson hung out with him for a week, costing the friendly Prince $350,000. The frustrated Prince was agitated at Michael Jackson’s broken promises, so now they both are in court.

I’m still waiting for the Michael Jackson Las Vegas show, that is supposedly going to have a godlike statue of Michael Jackson that shoots lasers.

One Response to “King of Pop disappoints the Prince of Bahrian”

  1. Ohh wow. I’ve always asked this question but never knew the answer til now. Thanks a lot. I will repost this information on my blog.

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