Whale Wars

November 13, 2008

Animal Planet’s newest high profile show Whale Wars is very entertaining and well done, but the activists being documented are bratty children. From what I’ve seen (which is only one episode) the members aboard the ship, cleverly named the “Steve Urwin”, harass whalers and purposely get themselves held hostage on board the scientists ships. If someone was attacking my ship and then hopped on board, I would hold them hostage for my own protection too.

I don’t know what the difference is between whaling and land-based hunting, or livestock slaughter. Are the whales just cool because they’re so big? Because they are smart? Monkeys are smart, they are being exploited, why not defend them?

The crew was so giddy when they got their guy to be held hostage because they were going to get news coverage. To me it seems the crew is more passionate about being annoying to the scientists then loving the whales.

One exciting thing is the show’s theme song is Smashing Pumpkins Bullet With Butterfly WIngs .  I’m in to that.

5 Responses to “Whale Wars”

  1. Mimi said

    My husband and I watched only one episode, which was all I could take, really. These people are drama-queen, idiots, somehow convinced they are doing something productive. The Americans are simpleton pawns; the Captain is a Greenpeace reject for obvious reasons, desperately seeking heroic status, smart enough to run and hide and give disclaimers to avoid technical blame when real decisions have to be made.

    Thank goodness they represent Australia… we Americans can at least use THAT as our excuse! I suppose the idiocy makes good TV… to me, it’s a waste of good air time. This show will cancel in no time… they should focus on the caged chickens. Now THAT will be a GREAT show!

  2. Natalie said

    i am glad that theres a show on tv that final show the horible things the japanses whalers do! has an AMERICAN i would love to one day serve on a sea sheapered ship. (F U Mimi some of us care) Exsperts say if the japaneses countie whaling that the hump back whale will go exsptect in 5 years and that would be sad an animal thats lived as long as a humped back whale to be gone! so if you think its bad tv because its whats happening is true and some people acctually care about the future of whales that you should keep that to yourself and its not over dramatised because if you fall off the ship or get taken by the japanese you could die so shut up because what their doing is good and the show won’t get cancled because some people do have hearts and don’t go around killing other living things. i bet you hate puppys to! so go put that in your juice box and suck it!!!!!

    with lots of hate,

    P.S. Paul Watson LEFT green peace because they weren’t effect in stopping whalers so he started sea sheaperd to phsically stop the whalers! BTW you don’t speak for all AMERICAN because i am one and i and others (thiers americans on the boat)(Paul Watson Ctp. & Founder AMERICAN) suport them, so there.

  3. Natalie said

    get a life this show is amzing you just hate it because every one hates you!!! theses people a risking lots to help the whales and the japaneses whalers aren’t scientist the murders, there annoying them because when they are they aren’t whaleing! PAUL WATSON is a n amazing person and he LEFT green peace because they wren’t effected in stopping the whalers unlie the sea shepeareds who phsicaly stop them from murdering innocent whale!

    “Thank goodness they represent Australia… we Americans can at least use THAT as our excuse! I suppose the idiocy makes good TV… to me, it’s a waste of good air time. This show will cancel in no time… they should focus on the caged chickens. Now THAT will be a GREAT show!”

    just FYI there and AMERICAN based orgization they use the austrain posrt because thats closet to the whale sancutary! so F U! i am and AMERICAN and i proud of theses people for standing up for what they see is wrong if you have a problem with that no one cares cuz the sea sheapereds are amazing people! its a good show it shows how horrible the japaneses whalers are. so if you think its dumb your just as wrong as the whalers!

  4. jasonhenle said

    Natalie, the show has entertainment value for craziness only. If you put your life at risk for these kinds of antics, then you’re more angsty then you are passionate about change. If you think stink bombing whaling ships is the only way to put a stop to whale suffering, then maybe we should start pulling pranks on domestic criminals to annoy them into abiding by the laws.

  5. Mordecai said

    I’m deeply skeptical of claims that the whaling in question is necessary research: http://caliber.ucpress.net/doi/abs/10.1641/0006-3568%282003%29053%5B0210%3AWAS%5D2.0.CO%3B2 for example. Instead it genuinely seems to be a pretext for commercial whaling, as the vast majority of whale meat in question winds up on the commercial market. I anticipate that it’s this weird hypocrisy that motivates a lot of activism. Poachers of the great apes don’t pretend they’re really after publications.

    As you know many of the species hunted are still endangered; beyond that I anticipate that much of my concern stems from the fact that they’re (1) smart enough to have something like language and culture; (2) close to me, in Oregon; (3) awfully cool, being huge and aquatic and human-curious and so on. I anticipate that if I lived in the Congo or Indonesia I’d feel much the same way about the great apes. Being ‘like yet unlike’ humans they’re certainly sufficiently cool. (Though as interfering with poaching could get me shot, this style of protest is hardly practical in that case.)

    For me husbandry of animals without anything like language or culture isn’t as problematic: in this case, so long as they’re killed humanely my concern is not ‘that they die’ but rather ‘how they live;’ treat them well, and cull entire social groups at once to forestall ‘orphaning,’ and I’ve no problem with it. Whales are a different story; a species that learns to fear us as we kill unrelated animals elsewhere is a species we can terrorize. I’d rather we not do that.

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