Bereavement photography: Those Babies Aren’t Sleeping

November 6, 2008

Bereavement photography is posing the dead as if they were living for a photo shoot. Suprisingly, this is still a practice going on today in America. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is one of the more popular berevement photographers. The company specializes in dead babies. The company claims that their service helps in the healing process after the loss of an infant. Tthe parents of the dead child just want something tangebable to hold onto from their experience. It’s a creppy consolation prize, that’s all.

9 Responses to “Bereavement photography: Those Babies Aren’t Sleeping”

  1. So, are you saying that you’re for or against bereavement photography? I’m going to go ahead and stake my claim in… against/creepy.

  2. jasonhenle said

    If it makes them feel better then I’m for it, however, I would be concrened that their friends might not want to hang out as much after the shoot.

  3. I just realized that we both made posts about babies today. One was a little happier than the other. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one I’m talking about.

  4. Sheree said

    It is quite obvious you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about with regards to families and the death of a child. Perhaps your time would be better spent trying to discuss a topic you have even a slight bit of knowledge about – bereavement photography is certainly not one of them in your case.

  5. jasonhenle said

    I’m sure losing a child is tragic, surviving loved ones have every right to do as they please to cope. Anyone outside the situation has every right to feel uncomfortable by it. I speak for myself when I say that if someone I knew hung photos of dead people in their house, I would feel uncomfortable.

  6. […] to describe it. One of his first posts was making fun of bereavement photography–the title: Those Babies Aren’t Sleeping. Amazingly, it wasn’t incredibly well-received.  I will say of my blog’s analysis, […]

  7. so, “creppy”. Misspell or genius melding of creepy and crappy?

    And, uh, if people only talked about what they know and only with other people who know it wouldn’t we end up with a world full of people who know absolutely nothing about a single generation?
    I hate creppy logic. 😉

  8. jasonhenle said

    Here here!

  9. Katie said

    I volunteer for this and think its great… many people DONT hang it in their house, but have them to hold onto the memory that will fade in time.

    You really have no idea what you are talking about. This is not JUST a dead body it was a life that was taken all too soon. IT was real, it was at one point in time alive and some of them ARE living in those images but pass shortly after and some have already passed.

    IT is a wonderful thing for many but may not be for all. ITs free of charge and it gives families something to take home when they cant take their bundle of joy home.

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