October 28, 2008

A few days ago my wife and I received Crash from our Netflix queue. No, not the Academy Award Winning movie about racial issues in America, I’m talking about the NC-17 drama about people who to get their sexual kicks from getting into car crashes. The opening of the movie was a sex scene in an airplane hanger where the stereotypical blond, seductively presses her bare breast onto the cold, sleek body of an airplane. In my head the porn alarm was sounding. However, because NC-17 isn’t without its limits, the scene goes nowhere (in the porn sense of things).

Sex in typical movie is fun, its over quickly, it’s tasteful and you end up back in the story where you belong. For porn, story is the bonus, you get a context for what you’re watching and then you can buy into it more. However, equally marrying sex and drama into one package is a lost cause. Both excite different parts of the brain. It would be like having sex and having a conversation about…. well anything, it doesn’t work. People’s brains are worthless when sex is introduced (well mine is at least). Unless some satisfaction is reached, the brain can’t easily make the jump from sex to story. NC-17 dramas are failed pretentious pornos that are sure to disappoint.

Because of this, we got bored and decided to watch some trashy VH1 reality shows instead.

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